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Safety Tips on Road Construction Sites


So as to meet the standards set by ANSI, retroreflective materials must be added in the personal protective equipment as well as industrial products. And also, industrial clothing that has retroreflective bands fixed on them is not enough to meet the guidelines. The personal protective equipment must have fluorescent background colors such as red, orange, yellow, or lime green and retroreflective bands affixed. Overall, improved worker visibility will prevent accidents from taking place from the motor vehicles that pass through or near active work sites. And also, they assist in decreasing dangers on the work site by way of making the workers more about easily seen by the operators of construction vehicles. Even during daylight, low light conditions can still persist because of dirt clouds or dust and overcast weather.


Class 1 is the first level of protection and it is utilized when the workers are separated from passing motorists and traffic. The traffic that is on the job site must be travelling lesser than 25 mph. more than this is not acceptable for the roadway crews. On the other hand, it does create the basis which all the higher classes are built upon. Class 1 is composed of high visibility vest that has retroreflective band at least 2 inches wide amid the chest aside from the reflective industrial products fixed on the hardhat or won on the head. This class is suitable for people who are working in jobs like sidewalk and roadside maintenance workers, shopping cart retrievers, delivery vehicle drivers, warehouse workers and parking lot attendants, click for more facts!


The class 2 is allowed for work areas that are close to vehicular traffic between 25 to 50 mph. this is suitable for almost all roadway works. On the other hand, this is somewhat not enough on high speed interstates. This class adds full sleeves and extra reflective band placed on the waist in order to give a better outline of the human body. This improved class gives the suitable protection level for a couple of utility workers and roadway construction, law enforcement personnel, survey crews, high volume parking lot, school crossing guards, toll gate personnel, accident site investigators, emergency response personnel, railway workers, ground crews and airport baggage handlers.



The class 3 gives visibility up to 1290 feet somewhat quarter mile, making sure that the workers who work at work sites close to highway speed traffic are safe. And in addition to the class 2 requirements, this class has trousers or coveralls that will finish the human body outline with retroreflective bands at the ankles and waistline.