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Safer Road Construction Environment Tips

Dealing with night and low light working conditions - everything becomes more dangerous at night, and even a simple hose just lying on the ground can become a danger. In an active roadway, each and every motorist passing by will represent as at risk for hazard too. Even with flood lighting, the workers necessitate to wear high visibility clothing that will meet the standards set by ANSI. Regular clothing will let the motorist see the worker at about 300 feet, on the other hand, a high visibility clothing will extend that ranges to 1280 feet. This is the main disparity, as a car traveling at highway speeds requires approximately 1200 feet of a stopping distance.


And for jobs with high risk environments like those ones on the active highway, the ANSI class 3 high visibility clothing is needed. This is composed of a reflective trousers, sleeves and vest that will outline the form of a human body. And for those jobs with low risk sites, like the ones that are physically separated from the high speed traffic, typically a reflective vest is needed. The high visibility clothing is required for all safe working places and it is just a matter of time before it is federally authorized as well, click here!


Industrial supplies to safeguard the head - head injuries will categorize as another main concern for the construction workers. Anything from a low hanging bean or a dropped tool can lead to serious head injury with an unprotected head. For this reason, hard hats must be like a second skin for the workers and must be worn all the time when they are on the work site. Other head protection would include face shields and safety glasses in order to protect the face and eyes and ear muffs or ear plugs for hearing conversations. Even short projects can leave the individual with a hearing damage without using noise suppression industrial equipment. Best of all, hardhats must be outfitted with attached ear muffs and face shield for an all around protection, view here for more facts!


Matching industrial supplies -

As part of the safety reviews, potential work site dangers must be known so that all people in the site can use the suitable equipment in order to keep them safe and sound. And this would include the appropriate apparel for protection against arc fires, flash fires, chemical splashes, and temperature. Flash suppression systems as well as lanyards are a must for any higher works.